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Pacific Welkam Melbourne

Apr 2019
06:30 AM
Melbourne Marriott Hotel, Corner Exhibition & Lonsdale Streets Melbourne Victoria Australia 3000

The Pacific islands countries to the north-east of Australia are often portrayed as an arc of instability. This Pacific Business Update will explain why these island States are actually An Arc of Opportunity.
Australian business has been present in these countries for well over 100 years. Many Australian companies have found it highly profitable doing business there. To succeed you need to get to know your market and the people you deal with there, and take appropriate measures to ensure your business interests and relationships are effectively managed.
The three Australian Business Councils which bring you this Update, the Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council, the Australia Fiji Business Council, and the Australia Pacific Islands Business Council were formed respectively in 1980, 1986 and 2000 as not-for-profit associations of Australian business with mandates from business to promote trade and investment between Australia and the Pacific economic jurisdictions, economic and employment growth in those jurisdictions, and to engage with government on trade and economic matters.
This update will focus on the markets in Melanesia which Australian business is already well established: Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Fiji. New Caledonia is just two hours flying time east of Brisbane and the other markets just three or four hours. Slightly further from Melbourne. Flight connectivity to these markets is good.
Opportunities also exist in markets in Polynesia further to the east in the Pacific, and in Micronesia in the north.
The economies of the Melanesian countries present business and investment opportunities in resources, fisheries, agriculture, sustainable timber, tourism, sustainable water management, energy, back office and other technology related services and education.
Recent initiatives by the Australian Government will see improved connectivity for Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands through the Coral Sea Undersea Cable due to become operational in late 2019.
A new AUD2bn financing facility for sustainable infrastructure development across the region is being developed with an implementation target of 1 July 2019
On top of key infrastructure Australian technology, innovation and services will have a significant contribution.
A commitment between Papua New Guinea, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United States to join together in a Papua New Guinea Electrification Partnership in support of Papua New Guinea’s objective to provide reliable electricity to 70% of the population by 2030, currently less than 15%.
The Australian labour market has recently been made accessible for Pacific islands workers, and many are now seeking to provide their labour to support Australian agriculture, horticulture and other approved economic sectors.

Attendance at this Update will enable you to learn directly about these economies from Australian business people engaged in them on a daily basis, and about business opportunities there.

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Melbourne Marriott Hotel
Corner Exhibition & Lonsdale Streets
Victoria Australia 3000

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